Arthas………. Who’s Arthas?

I am slow in getting this blog started, but yesterday morning, I had one of those experiences that motivated me to get back to writing about Moon Guard.

I was just minding my business selling things in Orgrimmar, when someone with a weirdly named level 1 asked in trade “So, how’s the ICC progression on this server…..?”

When someone responded “What’s ICC?”  I knew I was in for a good show.  The trade chatters of the morning, whose names I can’t recall at the moment, launched into a discussion that couldn’t have been better scripted, all with the intent of confusing the troller and reinforcing the impression that the realm is a bunch of silly players who don’t have a clue about what goes on in the “real” raid world.

The responses began with guesses as to what ICC might mean, such as “Oh, I love Icees!” and “You mean Eye See See?” then launched into full-scale rp speak about the evil presence Arthas and his legion of scourge, all with the sense of everyone first hearing of Arthas at that very moment.  Someone suggested that a group be gathered, ride on their level 20 mounts, and head off to put him to a stop.  Someone wondered if dinner would be served during the march to defeat Arthas.  There was a side conversation about the use of “eth” as a way to make any statement rp-appropriate.

Soon, the confused trade troller logged, and someone informed the trade channel, with the statement, “as you were, gentlemen.”

Bravo, trade chatters.  Delightful entertainment while I was emptying my bags in Orgrimmar, AND the realm was protected from one of those ruthless non-rp-types.  Now everyone may safely put their raid gear back on and continue with ICC progression (or, heck, keep that pretty rp gear on, it looks so awesome, right?)

Now, I must go-eth and maketh some breakfast for the home guild.  I will see-eth you later.


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