The Violet Hold

The Violet Hold has always sounded mysterious to me.  Like something that would be revealed when I reached a certain level of skill, perhaps with a ritual involving candlelight, Azerothian chant or at least a secret handshake, learned from a remote trainer on a lengthy questline.

Nope.  It’s just a big room with portals for the enemies to enter through, and your group runs from corner to corner, getting each monster as it arrives.

I logged in, oh, maybe Wednesday morning, after freshly re-enchanting and buying up a bunch of elixirs, scrolls and mana potions, wondering if my daily would be in AK, AN or The Nexus.  When I saw the load screen, I knew it was going to be something new, and to be honest, my heart rate went up and my palms began to sweat a bit.    New instances always make me a little nervous, for a variety of reasons.

First, as the healer, I can easily be blamed if the group wipes, and I am NOT a pro at this yet, so it is entirely possible that that would be the case.

Second, since this is my first time through everything, I have no idea where I’m going, and always being at the back of the pack mana’ing up, last to loot, well, it can be easy to lose the guys in the front, or at least I worry about losing them in a place I haven’t been through at least 3 times.  Usually by 3 times, I’m starting to remember the path.

As far as healing it was pretty straightforward, no special spells required (just FoL and a splash of HL now and then), although to ADD to my first time jitters, my Healbot healbars were totally different this time!!!

Because of the patch, I’d decided to actually go update my addons, since I’ve gotten into a group post-patch and had Healbot be non-functional, which isn’t too pretty for me, I need all the help I can get 🙂

The healbars now show health in rounded numbers, like 9K, and then there are some percentages, but frankly, they did not make sense to me that first time through.  At one point, I thought they were the percentage of health remaining, but then they were often very low percentages, and so I wondered if they were the damage percent.  Probably time to head on over to the Healbot website and do a little reading before the next daily.

Healbot confusion aside, though, I’m thinking that maybe the Blizzard folks had me in mind when they threw the Violet Hold in there, a room where all the enemies come to you is perfect for a first-time holy pally who tends to get lost 😛


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