Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my WoW friends, and possible readers!

I have several thoughts on my mind today, as the home guild enjoy their heart-shaped boxes of chocolate.  First and foremost, is a big Happy Valentines Day to my WoW friends.  I haven’t gotten all of you the url for this blog, but I am sending you all warm thoughts, and am so grateful for your presence in the game.   I hope you are the recipient of true caring on this day (and every day) in your real lives.

Second, on my mind gameplay-wise, is the big decision.  Achievement or no achievement.  Last year, because I was nowhere near 80, it was fairly easy for me to just do a few of each holiday’s quests, and then basically give up, since there was no chance of me getting the titles or completing the level 80 requirements in order to complete the meta achievement.  Right now though, at almost level 76, I am tempted to power level Goldslipper up over the next few days, hit 80 and try to get Love is in the Air, and Lunar Festival, so that I can actually get the meta this year.  The problem is, it will probably require quite a bit more time than I am used to spending on the game.  Any thoughts?  Should I just brew some coffee, send the family to bed and stay up as late as possible and do it?  Or, should I just relax, keep up my snail-like leveling pace to 80, and look forward to easily getting the remainder of the achievements for the meta in 2011?  Any ideas are helpful!

Last, but not least, if there are any blog-readers that stumble upon this post, I am wondering if you given or received any special Valentine gifts during the holiday?  I am always curious about the rare and precious items in the game, and it would seem that this holiday might be a time for special gifts.  It would be fun to learn of them, and how they were given, IC or otherwise……


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