Intellect vs. Spellpower

It is time.

It will make my brain hurt, I know, but it must be done.

I must go out into the vast expanse of WoW posts, and try to sift through all of the websites, blog posts and number crunching, to try and understand the mechanics of Intellect vs. Spellpower.

Sure, I could trust everyone in trade chat that reflexively says, in answer to my very occasional inquiry “Intellect.”  I am sure that they are absolutely correct.  But that’s not how my brain works.  I know that there is a complex and inverse relationship between Intellect and Spellpower, one driving the mana pool up, the other increasing spell efficiency, reducing the mana pool size requirement to generate the same amount of healing. I can say it in words, but until I can actually solve the algebraic equation when I select a piece of gear, it will gnaw at me like a murloc on a hapless low level.

Why am I in this predicament?  I have an opportunity to get a few pieces of Brilliant Saronite gear, which have amazing stats, all across the board, except for intellect.  It’s a drop in intellect on all pieces, except for the pants, so I’m definitely going to take those.  In the meantime, I will search away, and will post any good explanations that I get here.

Brain buffs, please…….


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