Practice Makes Perfect

When you are thinking that some day you might, just mayyyyyybe, do a little eensy weensy little bit of rp, it starts spilling over into the rest of your life.

Yesterday, other than watch my page views like a little old lady waiting for her petunias to bloom, I did a few other things.  I celebrated Valentine’s Day with the family, with a nice breakfast.  I made some soup.  I thought about working on our tax paperwork (for about a minute or two).  I browsed through Varendil and Lanuria’s blogs, which are awesome.  Varendil writes these amazing rp scenarios (look down the side bar on the right, the one about the golden coin is my personal favorite so far), and they are just over the top beautiful, with incredible, totally believable detail.

Lanuria and Varendil jointly write the RSP review site, which can be pretty darn harsh, but is exceptionally well written, and proves that they care IMMENSELY about the roleplay that is going on around them, and the lore of the game.  Without people that care that much, the game might not be the success that it is today.

The relevant thing that I did, though, and I did it for much of the day, on and off between things, was practice my roleplaying skills.  The scenario was a little unconventional, I’m sure, for fantasy rp’ers, but I think it hit all of the critical elements……understanding your character, their history and motivation, creating a compelling and interesting storyline, making rp enjoyable for your partner and yourself.  Here is a little sample of the rp dialogue I was practicing yesterday (please note, I had to voice the thoughts of all of the characters, it’s my son’s preference)

Captain Rex (to Anakin Skywalker and Obiwan Kenobi):  Here we go gentlemen, just up this way, and we’ll be to the cave where that Storm Trooper is hiding.  We’ll blow him to smithereens…..

Storm Trooper (in cave, talking to himself):  Oh my, here’s an issue of Storm Trooper Quarterly!  I might just have to brew myself a cup of tea and sit down for a nice long read… di da di da

Captain Rex (to Anakin and Obiwan):  Would you look at that guy?  This is going to be so easy…..

Storm Trooper (to himself):  Oh my, the Storm Troopers decimated all Jedi forces on Planet 59, gooooooo Separatists!!!

Captain Rex (to the Storm Trooper):  Okay Storm Trooper, it’s over, you’re coming with us….

T5 (to me):  Mommy, do it again!  Again!!!!!

Subsequently it was discovered that the death statistics on Planet 59 were a bit inflated, and the Storm Trooper prepared to pen an angry letter to the editor of Storm Trooper Quarterly, regarding the need for journalistic integrity, AND the tea-drinking Storm Trooper was turned into a Jedi, which is a little odd, but given that my rp partner is 5, I just had to go with it.

I don’t know, on second thought, maybe I should stick with the soup and taxes……


1 thought on “Practice Makes Perfect

  1. Thanks so much for the links to us! We always enjoy it when people like out stuff! ❤ Thanks so much and keep reading. We do care about Moon Guard, even if our care is on par with a Roast. 😛

    Have fun. See you around!

    -Lan and Varen

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