Learning Chinese with my new friend…

About a week or so ago, I was beginning the “Love is in the Air” quests in Orgrimmar, when a little level 2 troll opened a trade window with me.  Into the window, he put one of the heart candies, which was sweet, I thought.  Not having any idea how much it might be worth, I threw him 2g in return, and said thanks a bunch, assuming I’d probably never see him again.

Even sweeter when, about a half hour later, I sold the candy to a player that was too busy to go and quest for it himself, for 30g.  Gotta love the game economy, right?

Being the player that I am though, I realized that the exchange wasn’t quite fair, and so I added his name to my friends list, hoping that the next time I saw him on, I could send him some additional gold.

The next time I saw him on, I said “Hello X!” in my usual style, and explained to him that he had given me the heart, and that I had sold it for much more than I’d given him.  He responded to me that he didn’t speak English, and then logged off in a little while.  Over the last week, as I’ve bumped into him, I’ve said hello, and with very brief interchanges, have established that he is Chinese.

This morning, in what was a really touching conversation, I said hello, and he said “I need to go to baed,” and so I said “nighty night.”  He then told me the words for hello and goodbye in Chinese, and so I said “Zai Jian, my friend.”

He then told me that “wo de peng you” means ‘my friend’ in Chinese, and so I said to him “Zai jian, wo de peng you.”

I doubt that I will be translating these anytime soon, but it was a really sweet little conversation, the kind that makes the game special for me.


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