That big love rocket thingy…… (or, WoW and Sex)

I am trying to write a beautiful post about love. Love so sweet that it makes my heart swell to think about it. Princess Bride sort of love.  A love story that exists in-game, but also apparently, has crossed over to the real world.

But, I am not ready with that post, because it’s so precious I want to really do it justice, so I’m going to write about the next best topic…….Sex.

How did I get sex AND WoW on the brain this morning?  Well this, of course.  /giggle

Now I don’t want to get myself in trouble, but I am open-minded, and almost any topic is open for discussion – good, thoughtful discussion.  Even sex. So I had a few thoughts after seeing that post, and thought I’d share them.

First, I wondered, if there was a poll, and the question was “Are you A) Delighted or B) Disgusted by the sexual innuendo in WoW,” what would the results be?  I have a guess, but I would love to hear from others.  Thoughts?

The second thing that swirled around in my head was the whole concept of the brain as the largest “sex organ,” and how the slightly suggestive content in WoW could create a sort of sensual massage for the brain, furthering the addictiveness of the game.

As if the task-completion-focus and constant goal-shifting weren’t enough.

So not only do you check off that task when you complete the SFK bosses, but you also use your brain to figure out the fight, and you do it with 4 of your buddies, so there’s a social/Maslow satisfaction factor there, and then you add in the potential to receive something that’s big, and pink and looks like a projectile, and your brain gets that massage, and is very happy in several major spots.  I get this little image in my head of a brain, talking to blizzard “a little further to the left there Blizzard….oh yeah, now that’s gooooood.”

All of those thoughts then reminded me of one of the most hilariously insightful comments I’ve ever heard on the game, from someone in trade chat, darnit I wish I could remember who it was, to give proper credit for the quote.  In response to some discussion about sex (maybe it was one of those real vs. pixel sex convos), he said that he thought that “most WoW players, when faced with the choice between real live sex or an incredibly long questline that would result in some rare piece of gear, would choose THE QUESTLINE….”

I totally cracked up over that one, in real laughter, not just keyboard chuckles.  It kind of ties in, somehow, to the concept that brain or “pixel” sex/sexuality, is pretty darn powerful, and in some cases, perhaps even enough.  Although I’m not sure if my friend meant that those who would go for the questline could care less about sex overall, or maybe aren’t that motivated by encounters with other humans, or, perhaps even he is referring to a legion of men (or women) who could possibly be leaving romance-ready wives/girlfriends waiting, while they battle it out yet again with their guildies in an attempt to down this or that boss for the 87th time.  Interesting food for thought though.

Regardless, Blizzard obviously realizes that sex sells, and they do a good job of harnessing it to keep their product tantalizingly addictive.  Next time though, I’m going straight to the Raid Rx section of the blog 🙂


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