What a sweet little affliction lock, OR, It helps to have a PvP friend

Perhaps you’ve met her?  Horizonz of Swarm? Pale, blonde, a lilt in her gait, and a sparkle in her green eyes?  On regular days, I’m sure you’d catch her strolling through Eversong Woods, or enjoying some time with friends in SMC chatting about the latest season’s fashions.

On a Saturday night, though, watch out, because she can be found in Gurubashi Arena, fulfilling her true calling as a WELL OILED KILLING MACHINE.  Which is what myself and two guildies discovered this past Saturday night as we scrambled around, trying to complete our Pity the Fool achievement for Love is in the Air.

We trotted into the Gurubashi Arena, hair flying in the wind, totally unsuspecting, prepared to drop a fool, when out of the blue came this crazed jumping player.  Knocked me dead in about one and a half hits, and then proceeded to kill my two guildies while I watched in horror.   (I know, you’re saying duhhhhh, Gold, you WERE in the arena…..)  I was so stunned, that at the moment, I didn’t even realize that the character that decimated all three of us was a HORDE player.  I called out in General chat to see if anyone might want to come help us get rid of this annoying enemy……and then my enemy replied to me in general chat…….”Hm?”   That little word was filled with COMPLETELY. EVIL. COYNESS. I can tell you……

So, we rezzed and tried again.  BAM, dead in about the time it would take our little lock to put her hair up in a ponytail.  We were starting to speculate in party chat a little bit about who we might be dealing with (possibly an obnoxious kid? who knew), and I was about to suggest that perhaps we should do another location, when my friend Blaydin of Shadows Embrace logged on.  Duh-duh-duh-duh!!!!!!  (Queue the trumpets)

I’d just met Blaydin a few days earlier.  He was killing some things beside me in Crystalsong for the holiday, I think.  I noticed his jumpy style, asked if he was a pvp’er.  I’ve not really noticed many players that jump a lot when they’re doing PvE stuff, so it really stuck out for me.  He said yes, in fact he was, and we chatted for a while about movement, my TOTAL lack of keyboard and/or pvp skills, and how he had things set up.  He seems like a really nice player, like many that I’ve met in the field, freely sharing his knowledge, funny, etc.

Knowing that Blaydin might get a chuckle out of my predicament (total non-pvp’er getting ganked repeatedly), I whispered him and told him what was up.  It never dawned on me that he might know this other player, but it turned out that he was familiar with Horizonz.  He was able to call her off a little bit, and explain that we were not there to pvp, just to get our achievement.  I think he said something to the effect of “Hey Horizonz, can ya leave my lil peeps alone?”  Moments later, we were racing out of the arena, thankful to be done.

It was only later in the evening, after I was done with the game, that it dawned on me to look up both Horizonz and Blaydin in the Armory.  I took note that Horizonz 5v5 team was ranked 11th, and so now I feel like I can be kind proud of getting killed by her.  Blaydin’s no slouch himself.  His 5v5 team is 18th.  Personally, I’m glad to be one of his “lil peeps.”

Thanks for the interesting diversion and a really memorable death, Horizonz. Blaydin, I’ll try to stay out of trouble until I at least get through PvP101, and thanks for your help!


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