Blizzard, I do not ever want to complain about you.  I love you.  Truly I do.  You make a game that is so wonderful, so colorful, so competitive, so vibrant, that it makes me wish that I could make it my profession somehow, so that I could spend all of my day playing, reading chat, browsing blogs and web sites.

But, you took away my LOVE FOOLS!  They had 6 days left.  Those 6 days, I was going to use to finish leveling to 80 and drop them in Wintergrasp and Naxxramas…..

Sure, sure, I probably missed some fine print about the Pity the Fool achievement needing to happen within the dates of Love is in the Air, but OH MY GOD, I was so close to my very first title…..I was really, really trying.  Honestly, it wasn’t my fault that the dog spilled the water on the keyboard, and that the hubby and kids needed dinner, and I couldn’t spend more time getting to 80 before the holiday ended.  I tried, really really hard…..

Excuse me while I wrap myself in my Cloak of the Darkcaster and sob.

Or, as Ophelie of The Bossy Pally says, perhaps I should “mentally stroke my epeen for a bit.”


2 thoughts on “Drat….

  1. Well that just burns my gluteous maximus. It was my understanding also, that the FOOLS would be available for 10 days. My heart goes out to you, minus the token.
    Let us now focus on your first title “The Elder”

    • Thanks Fin, I appreciate all the help you provided in trying to get to the Love Fool title, and I’m VERY hopeful about The Elder. Look forward to getting those Alliance elders 🙂

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