Okay, I did it….

I went and read the Elitist Jerks compendium for holy paladins.

My friend Ser would always joke with me about how their website made his head hurt.

Too much math.

It made me a little bit afraid, I have to admit.  I’d been to their website once or twice, just trying to figure it out, and hadn’t quite gotten past the phase of understanding how it was organized and where to find things.

But, one day last week, I took the plunge, and you know what?  It wasn’t that bad!  In fact, it was really helpful for what I need right now, and for the duration.  I now know what food buffs are best, gem ideas and a whole host of other things that I had just barely started to be conscious of recently.

Did I memorize it, and understand all of it completely….heck no, of course. This is Goldslipper we’re talking about here, the pally who accidentally showed up to The Nexus in her Lovely Blue Dress (the morning after Joyous Occasion, heehee, wonder what she was up to all night, crazy girl), AND had Divine Plea in her spellbook for SIX, count’em SIX complete levels, and didn’t use it once, because she didn’t realize she had it yet……

Ouch, that hurts to say out loud to the entire internet, but then again, it also feels good.  Maybe some other pally will read these words some day, and not feel so bad that they aren’t a stat-debating, theory-crafting expert from day one. When I first heard trade chat, I remember being mystified.  What are these 5-mans and hard-mods and crits they speak of, I wondered?  And, will I ever understand them.

It’s taken slightly over a year, but I’m getting there, and ready to go even further.  There is hope!


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