The old shoe……

As of the beginning of the Lunar Festival, in typical Goldslipper fashion, I was still trying to finish up the Love is in the Air achievements.  With a water spill on the keyboard, and Love Fools on my mind, I didn’t get a quick start on heading to the elders. However, about a week or so into it, the guildies and I really started coordinating and pushing hard with our somewhat limited time, to get the dungeons done, and the various locations. We did the Alliance towns together, and it was a real blast, thanks guys!

On the last day of the holiday, myself and a guildie had still not gotten Omen, so I was whispering to friends to see if I could organize a “Final Omen” party Saturday evening. With my two guildies and I, and a few friends and their guildies, I figured it’d be halfway possible, and we could catch some other stragglers/procrastinators via Trade/LFG.

I whispered to my friend, the groom from Joyous Occasion to see if he might have a guildie who would want to tank it (having been advised by a holy pally friend that it would be best to secure the tank first). He whispered back that he thought his gf would be able to tank it.

Shortly after, she logged on, and when I told her that there was actually a chance of me, yes ME, getting my VERY FIRST ACHIEVEMENT, she said

“Elder Goldslipper……sounds like a shoe you’d find at the back of your closet……..”

Totally doubling up in laughter at the thought, I said “yeah, something your grandma would have worn……”

To which my friend answered “probably has velcro straps”

The image our conversation conjured, of me being an old shoe, has made me chuckle ever since, and of course, there had to be a blog post about it, complete with screen shot. Al and I found the perfect background last night, while helping our new guildie Rot with some Ghostlands quests, so now, without further adieu, I present to you………The Old Shoe:


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