A little trick for Halls of Stone

I ran regular HoS with a pug group the other day, and one of the players stayed afterward to chat with me, Amsalt, from the Shandris realm. He said that he works with the game developers, and knows a lot of the fights very intimately.

He suggested this trick for the Maiden of Grief. When she is about to cast her main spell, you actually WANT to stand in her black circles (Storm of Grief), taking that damage, as it reduces or eliminates the effect of her other spell (Shock of Sorrow). It makes sense (and actually, now that I’ve to checked, it is outlined fairly well in the Wowwiki explanation of the fight). I look forward to trying it next time I am in there with a group, probably the guildies, when we start to run it on heroic mode. The guildies might be a little bit more forgiving if it doesn’t work the first time and we all die 😛


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