Grats Thaum!

I ran into my friend Thaumaturge in Dal yesterday morning, and he had just turned 80, so it was DEFINITELY time for a screenshot! Grats T 🙂

Thaum is a friend that I met a while back, on a different alt of his, when his chat lit up the General channel in Hellfire Peninsula.  He was so energetic and engaging, that it brought me out of my shell enough to engage in some rare General chat myself. Also, I was so entertained by him peddling his big sack of blacksmithed items as “Santa Elf,” that I basically served myself up to the Hellboars for breakfast a few times, along with a nice side of root vegetables.

Yep, my attention was focused MUCH too much on the lower lefthand section of my screen…, after a few comments back and forth, he was promptly added to my friends list.

Thaum is one of many friends that provides support for a theory of mine, which I will call the “12 player” theory (cue atonal, science-ey music here)

I have hypothesized, that despite the claims of 11 million players(or more, I’ve stopped tracking the number), it seeeeeeems like there might be a much smaller number of actual players playing WoW, and they all just happen to have ZILLIONS of alts….. This came from me meeting people on one alt, and then getting random whispers from what SEEMED like zillions of their alts, saying “Hey, it’s me, XYZ!!! How ya doing?” You know how that happens?

So, my guess was that it was actually about 12 players, and they just must have some really amazing organizational and schedule management skills, in order to manage all those alts and raid schedules, bless their hearts.

With Thaum, the multiple-alt story went something like this. I was in Orgrimmar one day, looking for an ingredient for an enchanting rod. It was the ore, and all that was available were full stacks. Ouch, I really didn’t have the money to pay, and then wait while I sold the extras back.  So, I did what I so rarely do, and braved the Trade channel for a possible seller.  A character, let’s call him C, responded that he had two available, and would sell them to me.  Yay!  Hooray!  Success.

So, I had the typical trade chat and exchange with this person, well, except given that it was Goldslipper, it was probably a little bit more than the normal  I’m sure I said “Wowwwww, thank you sooooo much!!!  You have just made my day!”  Or something like that, and engaged in a little bit of small-town chat about why he had some sitting around, etc, etc, etc. I know we did go back and forth on the price a little bit, because I remember checking and he was asking a wee bit over market, but as he said, it was about convenience.  I shop at Walgreens, I know how that works.  You pay a little extra for the convenience of running to the nearest corner for the item you need N.O.W.

Fast forward a few weeks or so, and it was maybe a weekend evening, and this same character was talking in trade chat now.  He was asking a question about being a new 80, and explained to trade that he had just made 80 right then. Remembering his name from the ore purchase (and also because it is very cool and distinctive), I whispered, “hey, you might not remember me, but I wanted to congratulate you on making 80!”

C whispered back his thanks, and then after a few exchanges, he said “Hey, I think I know you on one of my other alts.” Turns out, he hadn’t been playing that Belf very much, the one I’d met in HP.  He’d been busy with others.  A full realm of others, I think.  Shortly after the night of meeting his second alt, I met a number of them, and frankly, they are now taking up such a large piece of real estate on my friends list that I’m going to have to look for some kinds of friends list expansion addon (has anyone figured out a way to create that one???)

When you play WoW, you run into a lot of different personalities, some of them being “just another player,” and a few being the ones that you quickly try to establish an excuse for friending. Whether it is their skill in a particular role (I am partial to nice tanks who have a steady pace and watch my mana), their sense of humor (some of the things players say have had me crying with laughter, pressing my face to the keyboard), or their unsolicited  generosity (the character who realizes that they have something that you could use, but probably can’t afford, on another alt, and goes and retrieves it for you, as a gift, or for a price that could only be considered a “donation”), you must simply have them as a friend, right away.

Now that I think about it, I think that Thaum fits into all of those categories,

AND he has some of the best character names (making clever use of X in several of them, which is just the coolest)

Anyway, this is probably a really really really long way of saying congratulations to you Thaum! Thanks for being a great friend in the game, and sharing your knowledge, humor and resources with me.  I am so happy to see that you’ve got yet another alt to 80, and I look forward to hearing of your successes in whatever you are doing with the rest of the alt family!

Btw, I think I can make 80 before your next alt.



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