Holy Halls of Lightning, Batman

I absolutely love the architecture of this instance, and look forward to getting back again.  I can’t really recall too much about the group.  It went fairly uneventfully, I think (could have been one wipe in there, given it was my first time, but can’t really recall anything specific).

I do remember that I had a little bit of extra time afterward, and so I walked back through the instance, admiring the architecture and design details.  Whenever I have the opportunity to stroll through a cleared instance, I like to do so, it allows me to really appreciate what I usually don’t get to focus on during the run.  Ceilings, for example, or other architectural details that might be missed while laser-focused on the health bars.

Given how much I love the space created in HoL, I am really excited to see the inside of Ulduar one of these days…….


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