Yep, it’s over, the big climb to 80.

I had my game-bff Alondir along with me, and I think he was bringing the champagne to pop when the big moment hit, but then we queued up for the random, and Brann Bronzebeard mentioned tea and biscuits, and we kind of forgot about the champagne….

I was trying to catch the nice flash, but it was happening while I was healing through a trash mob, and so here is the best I could get as close to the moment.  A good healer NEVER takes her eyes off of the health bars, right???

Just like all of my friends suggested, 80 is not the end, and so I am eagerly compiling my list of things that ABSOLUTELY MUST BE DONE, asap:

1.  Upgrade my addons to Grid/Clique, Pallypower and that one that’s a whole bunch of consonants all strung together.  This will take a while, as I migrate off of my existing ones, and I am hesitant to use the new in real live 5-mans until I’m pretty sure I can heal successfully.

2. Keybind, Keybind, Keybind

3. Start moving with my WASD instead of arrow keys.  Ser told me I should, and now I finally realize why.  Why did I wait this long?  *bonks self on head*

4. Max out new profession – Alchemy, for the stat bonus; max out Enchanting, so I can clear out my bank of soulbound items that have been sitting there FOREVER, waiting to earn me money as dust and essences

5. Run dailies for gear and emblems

6. Run dailies for gear and emblems

7. Run…….oh wait, I think I have that one covered, although I guess you really can’t run enough dailies for gear and emblems these days…..

8. Start learning how to raid. Hopefully some folks in the ClassicRaid or Oldworldraiders channels will let me in their raids to get started, since it’s older and hopefully a little bit easier stuff.

9. Get a screenshot with as many of my buddies as I can, for the archives.

10. Get all of the cool posts that I want to write for this blog going.  I have a few really fun interviews that I need to work on, as well as a possible guest-poster or two, and some other ideas that have been sitting in the drafts file. I have been a little hesitant to share this blog with the Moon Guard forum, or the WoW blog sites, but maybe now is the time…..

Here’s to the future!


4 thoughts on “Ding!

  1. Now the fun actually begins. Cataclysm will be out before you get geared enough to do ICC, so have fun getting into whatever raids that you can do. That is, unless you play all day every day. Then you should be able to get enough emblems to get T9 all geared up and maybe get in to some ICC-10 groups.

    • Heehee, yes, I’ve been experiencing the fun already, in large doses. ToC, FoS and PoS, back to back, on days 1 and 2 of queueing for randoms after turning 80, eeeeep! I wish I could set a goal of getting to some ICC-10 content before Cataclysm comes out, but I do have to be patient, as a super-casual player, I need to content myself with working on smaller steps, such as moving into the next level of addon utilization, getting more comfortable with my less-used spells, etc. Baby steps, baby steps!! Thanks soooo much for the comment, it’s nice to hear from others!

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