Nice Tanks

There is nothing like a really nice tank.

This morning I had the opportunity to play with a really great tank, Kharon of Hydraxis. He was the tank for my first random, FoS. After completing the first run, he also tanked for a second run, and then traded out to do dps after a new tank joined us.

What really made Kharon great to play with, is that he not only tanked nicely (or so it seemed to me, although I am hardly capable of judging yet), but he was super patient. Our first group wiped once (I think it was because I got the soul pulled out of me, and someone didn’t stop the dps), and he had to wait while I found my way back, which, if you know Goldslipper, well, it can be a time to /facepalm, she is so directionally challenged.

The second run was especially interesting, full of weird, but fun sort of skill-testers. I am still a bit blurry, as it went so fast and involved so much death and crazy healing and a very serious OOM situation.

At one point, we were trying to rez our poor groupmate, Tempesto, who sadly, got kicked from the group after not being able to make it back to the instance…..I really feel for him, as I could easily have been the one in that spot. Kharon ran me back in, after finding me and guiding me all the way back, and as we were standing there, trying to rez Tempesto, I thought, well, maybe I just need to inch a little bit close, and BOOM, aggro’d one of the enemies.

The fun thing, was that Kharon and I basically two-manned the mob, and it was REALLY FUN!  I got to melee a bit, try some unique spells… was really cool!

Then, the new tank arrived (not sure how that happened, because Kharon was originally queued as the tank, and had been since the beginning of the instance, but whatever….) and we got going, and basically 3-manned Branjahm, which was ALSO very fun and exciting.  Nothing gets the adrenalin up like a good fight with less than the normal amount of people. Wow! I was nearly OOM for the last portion of that fight, and had to try and pull out all the stops, even jumping in to melee again.  I wish I had opportunities to practice my skills like that more often, but in an environment where I wouldn’t be risking the death of real players, you know? It is great for the reflexes, but if everyone dies, well, after a while, that gets old.

We made it to the end boss, but the new tank died (massive guilt, as always, on my part), and the realm shutdown was in about 4 minutes, so basically everyone left, and Kharon and I had a few minutes to chat.

I thanked him for being so patient….literally, I think we spent half of the time dead, with me flying around the citadel, trying to find the entrance (think I finally know where to go).

I also commented to him that I thought Hydraxis must be one of the best realms.  I can’t count how many really nice players I’ve met in randoms from that realm. He didn’t seem to think it was anything special, but I wonder if he just doesn’t want to brag?

Have you run into any particularly nice tanks in your randoms?


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