Walk of Elders

How did I get up HERE?

Well, it involved a new friend of mine who knows a lot of fun tricks, his entourage, complete with special rays, and oh yes, a priest who can levitate.

Pretty neat little place to hang out.

After a number of folks got up here and tazered unsuspecting bystanders down below, Goldie had to log, and so she woke up in the same spot the next morning. Thank goodness she didn’t roll off the edge in her sleep, eh? It was a great place for me to hang out, watch the sun rise, and work on resetting my keybinds for Healbot (still trying to figure out Grid, so it’s not up and running yet, but soon, I promise, soooooooon :)) I hated to jump down, but eventually I had to queue for something, right?

While we were making our way up to the location, I was too busy trying to follow instructions, so I didn’t capture any good screenshots…..here is one that I found, with our group leader in the distance up ahead, guiding us toward the ultimate destination 🙂

If you have a nice priest friend, it would make a lovely place for a sunrise hike or a picnic lunch, don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “Walk of Elders

  1. I keep forgetting to tell you in game, there are alternative methods for getting up there.

    A parachute via engineering.
    A good number of noggen bottles.
    Or a mage.

    Mage’s tend to be easier to use for groups.

    Also! You can get alliance up there. There’s a small section beside where you land after jumping off the floating tower. A death knight can pull alliance people up there. I’ve yet to try mind control but I speculate it would work the same.

    • Oh this is good information! I am wondering what the good number of noggen bottles does? You mean noggenfogger elixir, I am guessing?

      It would be really cool to have a bunch of DK’s up there waiting for the Alliance, when they come to town, wouldn’t it? Pull them up for an unsuspecting bloodbath, hehe.

      Definitely say hello in-game, as I have NO idea who this is!!!!!

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