Waking up with RP on the brain…..

I have discussed in earlier posts how I am not an RP’er yet, but that I am an interested onlooker, waiting for the right moment to open the door to that particular shop of wonders.

That moment might be sooner than I thought.

I woke up one recent morning with a storyline on my mind. I think it was after reading some blog post about raid buffing and how it really helps to have a beast mastery hunter in the group. Somehow, that little nugget of information stuck in my head and became a wisp of a storyline. I saw a young male elf in Ghostlands, no more than a toddler, really, who was somehow able to command the spiders, lions and bats with his unique powers. I turned his story over and over in my mind, replaying it, imagining his mother’s reaction to him arriving home from playtime in the woods with a trail of creatures following after him.  I imagined the tiny woodland inhabitants he might keep as pets in his pockets, to be found on laundry day…..beetles, grubs, rats, perhaps even a box of smaller spiders to play with, all things that are so appealing to a mother-elf. I then leapt forward to a day when he might command a large army of loyal and ferocious beasts to bring down enormous enemy forces.

It was such a creative, mind-opening experience.

Then……one of my friends in the game happened to suggest that he would like to start a new character, so that he will have a warrior available when Cataclysm comes out. He wondered if I might want to level a character up alongside of his, and when I mentioned that I had a low-level priest, he said that it would be a good pairing. I inquired if there would be any Rpeez, and he said that there might. Gasp! Could it be time?!!!

So, we have, on and off, been discussing the background of the characters very lightly, and I have started to catch up on my lore in my little spare bits of time.

I have to say, now I get it. I am finding myself absorbed with understanding these two characters, what their backgrounds are, why they might possibly be involved in helping each other, and what their paths might be. The history is now relevant, the need for them to have a purpose now makes understanding the lore absolutely critical (if my character is a priestess, then what KIND of priestess, and how does priestesses think, act, speak…)  I wonder what they might be feeling emotionally or physically. He is going to be starting out as a Wretched, at least for a period of time, which could make it interesting (certainly hilarious images entered my head, of course, of my character being his crack-whore trying to find mana-crystals for his addiction until she can figure out a way to help him become cured of his transformed state).

Can you tell that this is very exciting for me?  The door to the RP world has creaked open just a teeny tiny little bit, and the light is shining through, luring me inside, with a nearly unavoidable pull…….


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