Watch out…I’ve got an app now…

I am waiting during my daughter’s piano class, and it just crossed my mind that I could possibly use my time productively, and visit my little blog! I even have the WordPress app, so I can create posts on the phone.

Lo and behold, it works, first time around, and now I have visions of posting every random WoW thought, as they occur to me….that seems almost too good to be true, hmm?

At a minimum, I would like to give this little blog some attention. As I look back at some of my posts, it’s nice to remember some of the truly special experiences I’ve had with this game.

So what to write about today? Ermmm, I was so excited about just getting the app up and running, that I didn’t even think about a possible topic.

There are a few that I could address, and possibly two which tie together nicely.

The first is a status update on what Goldslipper is up to, and how the year 2011 went for her, what with all the Cataclysm frenzy. Then, I can share what my current playtime is being spent on, which also ties into Goldslipper’s status somewhat.

With Cataclysm out, it is probably not a surprise to anyone that knows me, that Gold was still dilly-dallying around in Northrend, nowhere near ready to move on content-wise. As one of my dear guildies put it “Slowest. Leveler. Ever.”. I really could win an award for dragging things out. But on the other hand, I really do like to savor each of the experiences, and gosh, there really is sooooo much content in each expansion.

So my other trusty guildie made sure I did some of the time-sensitive pre-Cata activities/achievements, and then I kept working on getting to level 80, which took until March. By then most people had a good handful of 85’s, and I think my older daughter might have been there by then, but I was just then beginning to glance at the Cataclysm horizon.

Shortly after, I hit some kind of weird spell that lasted much of 2011, actually. I began a few quests in Vash’Jyr, then hopped over to Hyjal, which somehow appealed to me more, and then, I really stopped playing for quite a while, with the exception of an occasional login to do a quest or two, and say hello to my two loyal guildies, and a handful of friends.

During that time, my son still played very actively, continuing his quest to set the record for most DK’s ever created and deleted on a single account, and I helped him with that. He also, for a brief while, was possessed with an urge to play on the PTR, and we successfully set ourselves up, and that was a REAL happy moment for him, being able to have a level 85 character with all the mounts. So incredibly nice, as he still can’t really level a character himself. He just doesn’t have the ability to do sooooo many quests, and he’s not old enough to understand how to play well enough for dungeons (heck I’m not either, really), so that’s not an option.

In the summer, I really hoped to get on a regular play schedule, but it was still difficult. My super early mornings were just too busy, and late nights really aren’t an option for me. So I kind of floated in limbo, and found that my goals were really strange. I suddenly became possessed with a desire to do dailies and max out my cooking, fishing and first aid, so I started working on those, and then if I had any extra time, I would hop back over to Hyjal and do a little questing, still very sporadically. I heard enough from my friends that healing Cata 5-mans is super difficult, and so I avoided those like the plague. Despite my avoidance of the plague, ironically I somehow ended up with Undercity as my home for a few months, while I worked on the cooking and fishing daily achievements there.

In the fall, I finally felt a rhythm developing, and a mental commitment to get Gold to 85, versus just floating around. When the holidays rolled around, I was steadily making progress and the end was beginning to be in sight, and then we had an experience that changed my perspective.

We were at Grandma’s, and the kids were all EXTREMELY exhausted from staying up until around midnight for several days in a row. One afternoon, we experienced a massive meltdown, beginning with my son, the youngest, and ultimately affecting even my husband and I in the end. No, we didn’t throw ourselves on the ground, kicking and screaming…we just shed a few tears while we witnessed our children in a state of utter frustration, and ourselves unable to help much for a while. Later, we shed a few years over the beauty of how things resolved.

With my little guy exhausted and raging at the world, and his older sister furious at their cousin and Grandma for saying something negative about her brother, my son and older daughter banded together to help each other. He would let her go to the mall with me (which he didn’t want, and was the cause of his original meltdown), and she offered to help him with his DK, Arago. He was completely in tears, and revealed in a statement that brought me crumbling emotionally, how distraught he was over how little he could do on his own, and that we were all so far ahead.

That’s when I realized that despite “helping” him with his immediate, simple requests, such as doing quests for him here and there, and looking up gear items online, and reading LOTS of things for him….I could have been doing so much more. I could actually LEVEL his character for him. So that’s what I started to do, and that is what ties into Goldslipper’s current status.

As 2012 started, I began to seriously devote time to leveling Arago for my son. Of course it has been a project. Arago has 13 weapons, and at least 25 pieces of CRITICAL gear that he can’t be without, according to my son. Some day, I should post screen shots of his bags :). At the beginning, I was required to quest with maybe one or two free bag slots…fun.

As time has gone on, however, I was able to make enough money to purchase a few bank slots, and now he’s got enough space to quest and even….do a dungeon, and not miss out on too much loot, yay!

Knowing that doing dungeons would be really helpful in leveling, I have actually started to learn tanking, and guess what, I actually like it. I have TONS of things to learn, of course, and little Arago’s talent points are all over the place, and he’s got no glyphs or gems, but I’m holding up okay in most dungeons. I didn’t do many OL dungeons with Gold, so most are new, and it can be tricky. I died in the Arcatraz, and had no idea how to get back in, so I had to leave the group. I had a group kick me, for no reason I could establish, other than probably being too slow.

It’s fun for me, to learn a new class and skills, and most importantly, it is SO fulfilling to see the look on my son’s face with each level Arago attains. He’s now level 70, and I’m hoping that he will be 85 in the next few months. Still slow, given my time limitations, but moving at a lightning pace for me.

Gold, meanwhile, is two bars from 85. I kept leveling her while I was leveling Arago, until one day recently, my son asked if he could be the next level 85 in the family. Thanks to my daughter, who is an amazing soul, and our crazy family meltdown, I have learned a big lesson in generosity, and I happily went to the rogue in Orgrimmar and had her exp turned off.

She, and I, are both happy to wait.


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