Meandering down memory lane…

Recently, I’ve had two opportunities to go through a bit of the past.  My husband and I received several boxes of old photos from my mom’s house, and we spent some time going through albums from both his family and mine.  It was really fun to see some of the shots, especially how some of my husband’s relatives looked when they were young, and I saw my dad from a unique new perspective.  He’s gone, but we got several albums of him as a young adult, hosting parties, being silly with his friends…  What was so moving about it was seeing him young, innocent (somewhat, we won’t talk about some of the party shots, okay?), enthusiastic and untouched, yet, by the grind of adult life.  There was something so moving about seeing that about a person that I only knew as “old” and “father-like”.  We hope to select a lot of our family’s photos, old and current, and create a large wall of them.  Hopefully we can incorporate some of those old photos of Dad.

Separately, our computer desktop has become SO cluttered that it started slowing things down.  We have soooo many things that accumulate.  Random copies of bank statements and other documents, Minecraft screenshots, screenshots of WoW armor/items that my son covets, screenshots of YouTube videos that he wants me to find down the road (screenshotting was a MAJOR solution to me pulling out my hair when he would say “mom, can you get me to the video of Spongebob and Patrick and the couch”–just imagine how insane it is to try and find a video using that description…./pullouthair).  So, you get the picture, a desktop completely covered, something I’d be embarassed to admit to an Apple tech (they maintain scrupulously empty desktops, I hear).  I was at a stopping point in trying to download a mod for Minecraft, which is probably the source of a completely new blog, perhaps I should name it MinecraftMom, what do you think?  eh?…anyway, I needed a break, because something wasn’t working, and I decided that the mindless task of moving files to folders would be just the ticket, so I began my journey down memory lane for WoW, Minecraft and YouTube.

I found a lot of fun old screenshots, and I realized that it is these little moments that really make the game special for us, so I am thinking about posting them now and then.  It won’t be amazingly exciting moments that are filled with cutting-edge content, we’re more accidental tourists than that.  However, that’s the beauty of the game, in my opinion.  It can be played by so many people for so many reasons, and in so many ways.  I love that.

I chose the image for today, because it is from that quest where you get to meet the future “you” in the game.  My daughter did this quest first, and it was so fun to watch, I was thrilled when I got a chance to do it myself.  I think the “future” Goldslipper enjoys the opportunity to look back on all of the moments Goldslipper has experienced through her journey in the game thus far, just like I am enjoying them, with my little journey through our desktop clutter 🙂


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