Yay! What else can I say..

For the tiny little bit of playtime that I’ve had in recent months…yes, months…I’ve probably logged about 10 hours total for my own personal play in the last 3 months (maybe) I’ve had a surprising number of accomplishments!  I have a few others I’d like to post about separately, but I just HAVE to share this one.  Yesterday, I had an unusual amount of time on the computer, perhaps because I woke up at around 4am…

I decided that to ease back into the game, I would just start with dailies for each major city, especially Shattrath, since I was still trying for the Delicious Chocolate Cake recipe.  I farmed a little bit for frostweave (yes, still working on the bandage achieve), then headed off to Orgrimmar, then Shatt, then to Dal.  I fished for a few coins in the fountain (now also part of the daily routine), and dropped a few lines in the underbelly (yes, another daily routine item) before heading to turn in my daily cooking quest.

I had no idea that I was on my 99th cooking award, so I was genuinely surprised when I saw an achievement pop up on the screen.  What really blew me away was opening up the small spice bag to find……TADA!!!!!


I now understand why Blizzard makes us wait so long for certain things.  I had truly begun to disbelieve that this item would ever drop, and was COMPLETELY taken by surprise!  It was great!  I clicked on the recipe, and if you notice, they suggest that if you spend 5 seconds eating it, it will make you very happy for one hour.  What they don’t say, is that when the recipe drops, it will make you very happy ALL DAY!




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