Last night, as I was trying to encourage my son to head upstairs for bed, he made one last request for me to research a Minecraft mod.  I promised that while I wouldn’t have time to install the mod (and any other mods it required to go along with it) until morning, I would quickly look it up and see if it was compatible with the newly released version of Minecraft, since it just had a big update that a lot of mods might not be adjusted for.

I pulled up the Minecraft forum page to see if the download was 1.3 compatible, and in the background there was an ad  for The Secret World.  I’d seen it before a few times, and thought the contemporary images for the characters were pretty appealing, and the idea of a modern-day MMO is pretty cool, so I clicked on the link.

It would be really easy for me to have missed this completely, since I was in a rush to get upstairs for bed, but I think the universe somehow nudged me…despite my better judgment, I clicked on the trailer to check it out briefly, and I now know which MMO I will be playing next.

Not because the reviews have been amazing, which some have.  Not because the artwork and design is incredible looking, although it is (check out the trailer, some of the scenery and monsters are INCREDIBLE – I particularly love the creature rising up near the ferris wheel structure, phenomenal artwork imo).   Not because it has amazing pvp and pve opportunities…you know me better than that 😛

It was the music.

Last year, the girls and I were at a dance performance for one of my younger daughter’s instructors.  One of the pieces they performed to was SO beautiful, that my older daughter and I BOTH began to try and search for the title IMMEDIATELY after the show was over.  She found it first, and it was Vladimir’s Blues , by Max Richter.  This snippet of a song has been used as background for commercials.  It was so hauntingly beautiful, that I immediately set up a channel for Max on my Pandora, and listened to him on Spotify when I was at home on the desktop.  He has a really beautiful piece that was in Shutter Island, and MANY of his pieces are incredibly beautiful and unique.

This was the song that the designers chose to go with the trailer for The Secret World.

The game designers for The Secret World have modified it and added a woman singing over the piece, which in my opinion kind of ruins it, but the fact that they used his music is enough to seal the deal for me to try this game out.

Now, all I need is a little bit more time…


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