Varian’s Hair Please…

Every day brings us a new goal or project in WoW.  Most days, it’s something related to gaining honor points or gold, so that my son can acquire a new piece of gear.  Many times this has been runs of Scarlet Monastery for Herod’s Shoulder, the Raging Berserker’s Helm or the Ravager.  For a long while, it was Shadowfang Keep, for Robes of Arugal.  Other times, it’s a journey that involves getting a low level character somewhere they really don’t belong, such as bringing his level 13 or 14 blood elf hunter to that island where the rare hunter pets spawn.  It’s almost always an adventure, sometimes hair-pulling, sometimes incredibly tedious, but there is always something that is really important on his radar.  And yesterday was no different.

He decided that his human death knight needed new hair.  Varian Wrynn’s hair, to be precise.

He’d been to the barbershop, but hadn’t seen the hairstyle, so I set off to research it, and figure out if it was available, since it *could* be possible that Blizzard would show Varian in the load screens for the game with that style, but not make it available to human characters.  A quick Google search yielded a hit for this official WoW forum discussion which was enjoyable.  A thread on this other forum claims that 50% of humans are sporting Varian’s “do” (I haven’t done any fact checking of any kind on this, so don’t quote that stat, k?).  It seems as if people are divided on whether Varian’s style is “badass” or stupid.  Researching and discovering these things is a part of WoW that I love.  I feel like an anthropologist or archaeologist, sometimes, reading back on old post topics, and discovering the prevailing opinions (or disputes) of the day.  It makes one wonder, how will discussion forums be of use to future historians, in a time far from now?  They provide enormous amounts of information about what people are thinking, discussing, etc.  I’m guessing the question will be accessibility, as technology changes, or digital space becomes crowded and records purged, eventually.

Anyway, opinions about the stylishness of Varian’s hair aside, I was armed with the knowledge that yes, in fact, this hairstyle did exist.  I made a quick stop over to the Barbershop Interface on Wow-wiki, and we identified the hairstyle AND its name, which is Foxtail.  Cute, huh?

My son was SO excited to see that it was available.  He had been to the barbershop, but for some reason hadn’t seen it in the selections, perhaps just clicking through too fast or something.  Joy, oh joy!  We logged on to Elsonjus, and he happened to be in Ironforge, reasonably close to the barbershop, so we sat him down and got a good look at him in the cut, and it looked pretty decent to both of us.  The only problem was, he didn’t have the 4G to get it, so off to Hellfire it was, to do some questing and get the funds.

About a half hour later, after the travel, some questing, and debate over what to sell for the money, Elsonjus hearthed back to Stormwind, and moments later, voila!

I don’t know about you, but I think he looks kind of badass…


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