What Orcs eat…and don’t eat.

The other day, I was helping my son with his orc death knight, Arago.  I was in Orgrimmar, and reflexively, I picked up a daily cooking quest, and then headed toward the fishing questgiver.

As I approached the questgiver, my son bellowed at me “HE DOESN’T FISH!!!! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FISH ON HIM!!!!!”

I am accustomed to my son exploding when he sees me doing something “wrong”.  He has a lot of particular ways that he likes things done, from character movement, to how to approach enemies, to what is displayed.  I usually try to respect that, unless it’s seriously getting in the way of me making progress for him toward a goal (and then I try to negotiate, usually unsucessfully, lol).  But I’ve found that usually, he has a reason behind why he wants things done “his” way.

Curious, I said “hey honey, it’s some easy money for him, why don’t you want me to do the fishing quest?” and this was his answer…

“Because he doesn’t EAT FISH.  He eats meat, and chicken and turkey….

(long pause)

and pie.”

I couldn’t argue with that one, and smiling to myself, I went to the vendor and sold Arago’s fishing pole right then and there.  The next thing I need to do, is find a vendor with pie, and make sure he always has a stack 🙂



3 thoughts on “What Orcs eat…and don’t eat.

  1. “Because he doesn’t EAT FISH. He eats meat, and chicken and turkey….”

    Haha, that’s amazing! I’d like to imagine he said it like it was completely obvious and a preposterous idea that Arago would eat such a thing as fish!

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