Gold and her birds….

What makes a perfect WoW day for you?

For me, it involves people in trade chat saying how much they LOVE WoW…yes, you heard me right!  LOVE WoW!  The coffee must have been just perfect, and the stars in alignment, because yesterday while I was emptying my bags (a complete post of its own, Gold’s bag maintenance, or lack thereof), folks were talking about the rp environment in GW2, and how it hasn’t evolved quite yet, and there were NUMEROUS players saying how much they love WoW and are totally looking forward to the expansion.  It was truly wonderful.

It also involves a conversation with a large bird, who randomly poked me while I was engrossed with my mail and trade chat:

Yep, some random player just poked me, and before I knew it, I was talking to this bird, trying to figure out its intent.  Was it menacing, or friendly?  Hungry, or inquisitive? ….I mean, when a bird that is larger than a goblin starts poking at you, these are things you’ve gotta know!  I nearly drew my sword, but soon found that the bird was just friendly.

My conversation with my new bird friend led to even more fun.  I later got to ride on the new druid mount form!  My friend took me through town in Org, and then, after we talked about trail riding a bit, and what the best location in-game might be for a trail ride, we were whisked away to Uldum, for a stroll around the lake.  So fun.  I hadn’t really seen the mount form for druids yet, and it was really a special treat to be trotted around on one for a while.

Mid-day I was able to sneak back in to get my Pirate’s Day achievement, and then later in the evening, I was able to make a run through Sethekk, for one of the last few tries for the Raven Lord mount.  I haven’t been able to confirm that it is going to go away, but given that they gave them out during the Beta, and they don’t show up in the loot table for the dungeon, something is up and my son wants me to try and get one for our account before MoP drops.

So, for the next few days, I probably won’t be standing around Orgrimmar chatting with my feathered friends.  I’ll be hanging out in Auchindoun hoping for a bird mount.  And, for more playful mornings like yesterday.


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