What happens at night in Sethekk Halls….

So, sometimes, Goldslipper has these random experiences that make me giggle, and this morning I had one of them.

As background, last night, I began one more run of Sethekk Halls.  It was getting close to bedtime for the youngest of the kids, so I needed to hurry.  I got to the first boss, had him down, and then got the call “Mommmm!  I need you!”

Okay, I thought.  I’ll go up and tuck him in, and then head back downstairs to the computer and finish.  I told the friend I was chatting with about his new baby that I would be back soon, hopefully.  I really wanted to get back for both reasons, to finish the run AND to oooh and ahhhh over the new-parent experiences of my friend…..a new little baby girl, so sweet 🙂

Can you guess what happened?  I got upstairs, watched a video with my son, became sleepy, and never made it back to the computer.

So, what do YOU think happens at night when you park yourself near the fresh carcass of Darkweaver Syth?   Well, I would have guessed that perhaps a guard would be strolling through, perhaps to relieve a friend in another wing of the dungeon from his late watch, and aggro’d.  Perhaps he would call in some friends to finish me off, if my armor were presenting an issue (/pallyflex)…OR, perhaps one of the Avian Rippers would be swooping through, searching for small creatures to eat in the night, and spot me, unprotected.  Those two scenarios I would expect.  Perhaps you can think of another.  I fully expected that I would walk into the office, the game would have logged me out, and I would log in this morning to find myself a ghost.  Plausible, right?

What I DIDN’T expect was that I would approach the computer and find that a COCKROACH had been attacking Gold much of the night, apparently long enough to damage her chest and leg armor, since both of those were red as I took my seat!

Cockroach Aggro?  Who knew?  But that is the real danger of camping out in Sethekk Halls overnight.  I know that there are some critters that will aggro, but I have never run into a cockroach as plucky as this one, so I had to capture it.  Here is the little guy denting my helm:

Over and over he continued to jump at me.  He is little but mighty….a full night of his attacks cost me around 35 gold.

Deathwing IS scary and all, but it’s everyday menaces like these that really set a paladin back in her quest to bring light to Azeroth….so, next time you sleep overnight in a cockroach-infested dungeon….BEWARE!


9 thoughts on “What happens at night in Sethekk Halls….

  1. Okay, I’m really laughing at two things: first, asking if Navi has a blog too! LOL! And oooooh….I have a ‘thing’ about cockroaches! I think that would take me awhile to start laughing! Great story, and a wonderful cautionary tale. Who knew?!

    • Thanks for the comment, Matao! And oh gosh, I laughed at myself too, asking Navi if she has a blog…after writing that comment, I was able to go over and check her blog out, and I realized that she is a VERY active blogger! Her gallery of shots with other players makes me think that she is like the Barbara Walters of bloggers!

      It was so kind of her to mention my little story. I write these little things because I find them amusing, but for the most part, no one has read them except for a few friends here and there. It is nice to hear that players found the cockroach story enjoyable, and makes me feel happy that I decided to capture it in a post.

      Regarding cockroaches, thankfully my personal experience with them has been very limited, so I was in a good position to chuckle at the in-game one. If I ever saw one in my house, that would be a MUCH different story 🙂

  2. Such an epic tale for that particular cockroach even though it ended in his demise. I would have done the same thing though – we’re still working on our critter achievement for the Guild 😛

    • It was hilarious, really. I think he started out excited, but he was looking a little drained by the time I arrived in the morning…and I wanted to say that “no cockroaches were harmed in the creation of this blog entry”, but in the end, I did end up killing him. I felt so bad after I did it. I really wish I could take it back. Thanks for the comment, Soco 🙂

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