About the Author

I am a newer WoW player, arriving just moments before WotLK was released.  So I wasn’t there for Patch 1, but I adore listening to those who were, and hearing their thoughts about how changes have impacted their play.  My main is a holy paladin, Goldslipper.  She is very friendly, definitely a trade wallflower (won’t ask anything unless it’s pretty necessary), although she will whisper to folks occasionally, usually to make a polite, friendly comment.  I have not officially rp’d yet, although I have friends who do.  I am learning from them, and eventually expect that I might try it out.  I have tons of “stupid” questions, all the time, and I am incredibly grateful to the patient players, young and older who have helped pave the way for me via information, referrals and gifts of time, materials, gear (even a few nice gems that are waiting in the bank).  I have a big interest in writing as a way to generate community, via friends/acquaintances connecting through their ideas in a positive way, serious or silly.

In real life, I am a mom who helps her three children explore the wonders of the game, each of them enjoying it in different ways – the young boy, through the maps and creating a new DK every other day (yes, I am getting a wee bit weary of those quests to get the DK mount and get him out of the starting area), the younger daughter, who spends most of her time in the auction house searching for beautiful robes and clothing, and the older daughter, who is seriously pursuing leveling her DK to 80, loves battlegrounds, and is really starting to focus on gear and stats, although she doesn’t instance or really chat with her guild yet.  I enjoy the game myself, for the beauty, the complexity, the excitement of learning how to use my class skills in instances and eventually raids, and the time shared with good online game friends.

Thanks for reading.


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