Grand-daddy of the fan-artists?

Saturday my husband and I got a chance to do something focused purely on our own entertainment….how decadent!  It was our anniversary on Friday, and we’d taken a yoga class together as our celebration; managing to get out on a “date” on Saturday too made it a really special weekend.

So what did we do?  It was one of the last few days of the Lichtenstein exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago, and we were BOUND AND DETERMINED to get there before they shipped all the works back to their respective homes.

Lichtenstein was one of the famous Pop Artists, along with Andy Warhol, who created art from everyday items.  He also seems to have been a really “method” focused artist, using systems of dark lines, composition and those ever-present dots to create virtually all of his works, over a very lengthy career, which spanned from at least the 50’s into the early 00’s.

I was more familiar with Lichtenstein’s images of distressed females, but as we wandered further into the exhibit, I learned that he had a significant period where he used materials from war and romance comics to inspire his works.  He would take images from those comics, tinker with the composition and text, and rework them with his unique system of dots, etc., to create new masterpieces.  Interesting….using familiar comic images to create your own works of art.  Suddenly, it dawned on me…this guy, he was a FAN-ARTIST!  And maybe one of the earliest ones! Continue reading


Varian’s Hair Please…

Every day brings us a new goal or project in WoW.  Most days, it’s something related to gaining honor points or gold, so that my son can acquire a new piece of gear.  Many times this has been runs of Scarlet Monastery for Herod’s Shoulder, the Raging Berserker’s Helm or the Ravager.  For a long while, it was Shadowfang Keep, for Robes of Arugal.  Other times, it’s a journey that involves getting a low level character somewhere they really don’t belong, such as bringing his level 13 or 14 blood elf hunter to that island where the rare hunter pets spawn.  It’s almost always an adventure, sometimes hair-pulling, sometimes incredibly tedious, but there is always something that is really important on his radar.  And yesterday was no different. Continue reading

What Orcs eat…and don’t eat.

The other day, I was helping my son with his orc death knight, Arago.  I was in Orgrimmar, and reflexively, I picked up a daily cooking quest, and then headed toward the fishing questgiver.

As I approached the questgiver, my son bellowed at me “HE DOESN’T FISH!!!! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FISH ON HIM!!!!!”

I am accustomed to my son exploding when he sees me doing something “wrong”.  He has a lot of particular ways that he likes things done, from character movement, to how to approach enemies, to what is displayed.  I usually try to respect that, unless it’s seriously getting in the way of me making progress for him toward a goal (and then I try to negotiate, usually unsucessfully, lol).  But I’ve found that usually, he has a reason behind why he wants things done “his” way.

Curious, I said “hey honey, it’s some easy money for him, why don’t you want me to do the fishing quest?” and this was his answer…

“Because he doesn’t EAT FISH.  He eats meat, and chicken and turkey….

(long pause)

and pie.”

I couldn’t argue with that one, and smiling to myself, I went to the vendor and sold Arago’s fishing pole right then and there.  The next thing I need to do, is find a vendor with pie, and make sure he always has a stack 🙂



Last night, as I was trying to encourage my son to head upstairs for bed, he made one last request for me to research a Minecraft mod.  I promised that while I wouldn’t have time to install the mod (and any other mods it required to go along with it) until morning, I would quickly look it up and see if it was compatible with the newly released version of Minecraft, since it just had a big update that a lot of mods might not be adjusted for.

I pulled up the Minecraft forum page to see if the download was 1.3 compatible, and in the background there was an ad  for The Secret World.  I’d seen it before a few times, and thought the contemporary images for the characters were pretty appealing, and the idea of a modern-day MMO is pretty cool, so I clicked on the link.

It would be really easy for me to have missed this completely, since I was in a rush to get upstairs for bed, but I think the universe somehow nudged me…despite my better judgment, I clicked on the trailer to check it out briefly, and I now know which MMO I will be playing next.

Not because the reviews have been amazing, which some have.  Not because the artwork and design is incredible looking, although it is (check out the trailer, some of the scenery and monsters are INCREDIBLE – I particularly love the creature rising up near the ferris wheel structure, phenomenal artwork imo).   Not because it has amazing pvp and pve opportunities…you know me better than that 😛

It was the music.

Last year, the girls and I were at a dance performance for one of my younger daughter’s instructors.  One of the pieces they performed to was SO beautiful, that my older daughter and I BOTH began to try and search for the title IMMEDIATELY after the show was over.  She found it first, and it was Vladimir’s Blues , by Max Richter.  This snippet of a song has been used as background for commercials.  It was so hauntingly beautiful, that I immediately set up a channel for Max on my Pandora, and listened to him on Spotify when I was at home on the desktop.  He has a really beautiful piece that was in Shutter Island, and MANY of his pieces are incredibly beautiful and unique.

This was the song that the designers chose to go with the trailer for The Secret World.

The game designers for The Secret World have modified it and added a woman singing over the piece, which in my opinion kind of ruins it, but the fact that they used his music is enough to seal the deal for me to try this game out.

Now, all I need is a little bit more time…

A rose by any other name…

So, for a long time, I’ve known that there is a problem with Goldslipper.  No, it’s not that she’s riding a pink mount and hanging out by the mailbox too much.  It’s her name.  Within several days of joining Moon Guard (nearly four years ago), I got a number of comments from random players.  They all went along the lines of “nice rp name, idiot”.

No self-respecting elf would ever name their child Goldslipper.  The fact that her name was a tribute to my very first ever avatar, Samantha Goldslipper of Pirates of the Caribbean Online, a successful, fiesty pirate lass, was of no meaning to these fantasy rp folks.  I have a stupid name for my character.

I’ve considered the idea of just changing her name to a classic Blood Elf name.  I’ve researched elven name sites, looking for just the right one, and have found some that might work.  The issue I have, though, is that well, Gold is Gold.  She, and her experiences, have all been so immersed in Goldslipper’ism, that it’s impossible to imagine her NOT being Gold.  Everyone calls me Gold, or Goldy, or Goldie, and it might hard for both me, and my friends, to adjust.  So, a new idea has emerged.

I will write a story around her name, to justify it.

I have the seed of a story, and I am running it by a few friends to see what they think, and there are some details I need to work out, but I am really excited about putting a background together for Gold.  I think, in a way, it might be THE part of rp that I am interested in, more than actually engaging in conversations as a character.  I’m not sure that part of it is for me, really.  I tend to be more of a contemplative type and like to develop my ideas.  Not so good on the spur of the moment.  Although, perhaps with a background story, and one of those rp mods, I’ll get a little chance to exercise those skills and see if it is fun.

I look forward to posting an intro to her story soon!

Yay! What else can I say..

For the tiny little bit of playtime that I’ve had in recent months…yes, months…I’ve probably logged about 10 hours total for my own personal play in the last 3 months (maybe) I’ve had a surprising number of accomplishments!  I have a few others I’d like to post about separately, but I just HAVE to share this one.  Yesterday, I had an unusual amount of time on the computer, perhaps because I woke up at around 4am…

I decided that to ease back into the game, I would just start with dailies for each major city, especially Shattrath, since I was still trying for the Delicious Chocolate Cake recipe.  I farmed a little bit for frostweave (yes, still working on the bandage achieve), then headed off to Orgrimmar, then Shatt, then to Dal.  I fished for a few coins in the fountain (now also part of the daily routine), and dropped a few lines in the underbelly (yes, another daily routine item) before heading to turn in my daily cooking quest.

I had no idea that I was on my 99th cooking award, so I was genuinely surprised when I saw an achievement pop up on the screen.  What really blew me away was opening up the small spice bag to find……TADA!!!!!


I now understand why Blizzard makes us wait so long for certain things.  I had truly begun to disbelieve that this item would ever drop, and was COMPLETELY taken by surprise!  It was great!  I clicked on the recipe, and if you notice, they suggest that if you spend 5 seconds eating it, it will make you very happy for one hour.  What they don’t say, is that when the recipe drops, it will make you very happy ALL DAY!



Meandering down memory lane…

Recently, I’ve had two opportunities to go through a bit of the past.  My husband and I received several boxes of old photos from my mom’s house, and we spent some time going through albums from both his family and mine.  It was really fun to see some of the shots, especially how some of my husband’s relatives looked when they were young, and I saw my dad from a unique new perspective.  He’s gone, but we got several albums of him as a young adult, hosting parties, being silly with his friends…  What was so moving about it was seeing him young, innocent (somewhat, we won’t talk about some of the party shots, okay?), enthusiastic and untouched, yet, by the grind of adult life.  There was something so moving about seeing that about a person that I only knew as “old” and “father-like”.  We hope to select a lot of our family’s photos, old and current, and create a large wall of them.  Hopefully we can incorporate some of those old photos of Dad.

Separately, our computer desktop has become SO cluttered that it started slowing things down.  We have soooo many things that accumulate.  Random copies of bank statements and other documents, Minecraft screenshots, screenshots of WoW armor/items that my son covets, screenshots of YouTube videos that he wants me to find down the road (screenshotting was a MAJOR solution to me pulling out my hair when he would say “mom, can you get me to the video of Spongebob and Patrick and the couch”–just imagine how insane it is to try and find a video using that description…./pullouthair).  So, you get the picture, a desktop completely covered, something I’d be embarassed to admit to an Apple tech (they maintain scrupulously empty desktops, I hear).  I was at a stopping point in trying to download a mod for Minecraft, which is probably the source of a completely new blog, perhaps I should name it MinecraftMom, what do you think?  eh?…anyway, I needed a break, because something wasn’t working, and I decided that the mindless task of moving files to folders would be just the ticket, so I began my journey down memory lane for WoW, Minecraft and YouTube.

I found a lot of fun old screenshots, and I realized that it is these little moments that really make the game special for us, so I am thinking about posting them now and then.  It won’t be amazingly exciting moments that are filled with cutting-edge content, we’re more accidental tourists than that.  However, that’s the beauty of the game, in my opinion.  It can be played by so many people for so many reasons, and in so many ways.  I love that.

I chose the image for today, because it is from that quest where you get to meet the future “you” in the game.  My daughter did this quest first, and it was so fun to watch, I was thrilled when I got a chance to do it myself.  I think the “future” Goldslipper enjoys the opportunity to look back on all of the moments Goldslipper has experienced through her journey in the game thus far, just like I am enjoying them, with my little journey through our desktop clutter 🙂