A rose by any other name…

So, for a long time, I’ve known that there is a problem with Goldslipper.  No, it’s not that she’s riding a pink mount and hanging out by the mailbox too much.  It’s her name.  Within several days of joining Moon Guard (nearly four years ago), I got a number of comments from random players.  They all went along the lines of “nice rp name, idiot”.

No self-respecting elf would ever name their child Goldslipper.  The fact that her name was a tribute to my very first ever avatar, Samantha Goldslipper of Pirates of the Caribbean Online, a successful, fiesty pirate lass, was of no meaning to these fantasy rp folks.  I have a stupid name for my character.

I’ve considered the idea of just changing her name to a classic Blood Elf name.  I’ve researched elven name sites, looking for just the right one, and have found some that might work.  The issue I have, though, is that well, Gold is Gold.  She, and her experiences, have all been so immersed in Goldslipper’ism, that it’s impossible to imagine her NOT being Gold.  Everyone calls me Gold, or Goldy, or Goldie, and it might hard for both me, and my friends, to adjust.  So, a new idea has emerged.

I will write a story around her name, to justify it.

I have the seed of a story, and I am running it by a few friends to see what they think, and there are some details I need to work out, but I am really excited about putting a background together for Gold.  I think, in a way, it might be THE part of rp that I am interested in, more than actually engaging in conversations as a character.  I’m not sure that part of it is for me, really.  I tend to be more of a contemplative type and like to develop my ideas.  Not so good on the spur of the moment.  Although, perhaps with a background story, and one of those rp mods, I’ll get a little chance to exercise those skills and see if it is fun.

I look forward to posting an intro to her story soon!