What happens at night in Sethekk Halls….

So, sometimes, Goldslipper has these random experiences that make me giggle, and this morning I had one of them.

As background, last night, I began one more run of Sethekk Halls.  It was getting close to bedtime for the youngest of the kids, so I needed to hurry.  I got to the first boss, had him down, and then got the call “Mommmm!  I need you!”

Okay, I thought.  I’ll go up and tuck him in, and then head back downstairs to the computer and finish.  I told the friend I was chatting with about his new baby that I would be back soon, hopefully.  I really wanted to get back for both reasons, to finish the run AND to oooh and ahhhh over the new-parent experiences of my friend…..a new little baby girl, so sweet 🙂

Can you guess what happened?  I got upstairs, watched a video with my son, became sleepy, and never made it back to the computer.

So, what do YOU think happens at night when you park yourself near the fresh carcass of Darkweaver Syth?   Continue reading