This is a really old draft post that I had saved, and after looking it over, it seems ready to go.  Hopefully I didn’t miss any typos or bad grammar 🙂

This weekend, one of our non-guild friends was hanging out in vent and mentioned that he was going to have an IC funeral for his orc DK.  The story went that his orc was part of the Frostwolf Clan, came into contact with another orc from the Bonechewer Clan, and there was some nastiness. When he finally convinced his guild leader that they should be allowed to fight, so that he could do the honorable orc thing, he ended up dying in battle, which is the only way to die, for a proper orc, apparently.

A funeral?  Perfect!  It was the ideal next RP event for me to witness, after the wedding.  I immediately searched through my bags for something all black to wear, and not finding anything…..too many miscellaneous relics, leftover quest items, snowballs, I really need to get in there and organize some things…..decided that my normal battle-gear would be appropriate to honor a fallen warrior.  You agree, right?  Oh goodness, where is the Dear Abby of Azeroth, I really could have used her at the moment….

At the time of the event, apparently attendance was a little scant, so I told my friend that I would ask around.  I checked in with those who were online, and got mostly no’s.  Several people were committed to ICC runs, several just not interested in RP.  It was explained to me that RP funerals, in a game where characters have the ability to resurrect, just aren’t that popular.  One of my friends helped recruit a little bit in trade, and I think we got a few attendees based on his mention, which was nice.  All were polite, which was great.  You never know what might happen when you go into trade looking for folks, I suppose…

We did get a small, yet decent-sized group together and it turned out to be a pleasant RP event for me.  We met in Nagrand, found a quiet little pvp-free spot, and began the initial part of the ceremony.  The shaman (alt to the DK) said some nice things about the DK, and then offered up the chance for the attendees to contribute their thoughts.  Having had this particular DK lead me through my first successful run of regular HoR, so I was able to say with honesty, that he had been there in one of the greatest battles in my fighting career to date, and would be sorely missed.

The shaman then indicated that we would be proceeding to the ancient burial grounds, where the DK’s body would be burned on a pyre, per orcish tradition.  Some of the female characters chose to stay back and process their grief without seeing the body.  My guildies, one of the DK’s guildies and the shaman rode on over to the burial grounds, where the shaman said some more words, and we watched as the fire claimed the physical remnants of the former DK.

The death, or possible death of a character, is something that I’ve now run into a couple of times in the game.  I have a friend with a DK who, IC, is still so guilt-ridden by his actions, that he thinks that once he kills the Lich King, he might take his own life.  It makes me wonder, do most roleplayers have some outline for the potential death of their character?  How it would happen, when, where…..all the little details worked out?

I have to giggle thinking of Goldslipper’s potential death…….it would likely be a scenario where she lost control of her mount and fell off of a cliff, or she accidentally enraged a huge number of enemies and was stomped to bits, or exploded with magical attack spells, or filled with arrows like some cartoon character; or perhaps, she was just standing lost in thought, and a murloc or some other humorous creature got her from behind.  Those are reflections of the spacey way that I play the game sometimes, and could possibly be woven into her story.

During the recruiting of possible attendees for the funeral, one of my buddies was talking about funerals in general, and said that when he dies irl, he has requested that his family host a “funreal,” although he’s not sure if they will do it, because they think that all of the guests will think it is a typo.  According to his description, it sounds like a big party in celebration of the life of the deceased, balloon animals included.  Pretty fun, I think.

In a separate conversation, another friend and I were discussing the existence (or not) of God, demons and angels, which ties into what happens to us after we die.  At my age, it’s probably rare to not have all of that worked out, but, personally I still am not clear on what exactly happens to us after death, although at the moment, I am leaning toward thinking that we suffer the exact same fate as any mosquito, daisy or other living creature……simple disintegration into the ground over time.  Why would it be any different for humans? Just because we think, should we get a better deal after death?  Like Goldslipper’s storyline, though, the thinking there is a work in progress, waiting for a break between dog walks, runs to the neighborhood pool and cooking, cleaning, etc. 🙂

I love that the game, and the people that I interact with in it, occasionally stimulate these kinds of thoughts and conversations.  Perhaps it’s the epic nature of the stories and the fantasy/mythological nature of the characters that allows for some of the more profound topics to occasionally surface.  Not that it’s always like that, mind you…..the other day, I found myself talking with a friend about him ninja’ing the kitchen for something to eat, and then the conversation turned to cereal choices…. I said that Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the cereal of choice at our house, he was opting for Frosted Flakes.

After the cremation of our friend’s DK, most of us had to get going.  One guildie had to hit the gym, the other needed to get back to leveling his 5th toon to 80, I needed to go help the hubby with dinner on the grill.  Epic thoughts tucked away, it was time to head back to real life.